Tree Mapper

Simple visualization for complex data

Visualize complex information. Interactive creation, collaborative maintenance.

A treemap is a type of visualization that helps to see the trees behind the forest. Treemaps display hierarchical information in a series of clustered rectangles, which together represent a whole.
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What does it do?
Enterprise Architecture
IT System Landscape
Business Architecture
Real-Time Information
Color each node by a specific criteria
Define mapping from criteria value to color, font style, etc.
Gather criteria values from different sources
Use interactive editor in meetings
Publish results to Confluence Wiki
Auto generate Wiki pages for whole structure
Who is it for?
TreeMapper Users
Project structures
Visualizing structures
Componenten diagrams
Visualize architecture
Project documentation
Business People
HR / organigrams
High-Level business process documentation
Network strucutre
Nagios visualization
NOC space efficient display
Quality Managment
Visualize QM KPIs
Quality gate visualization
Show hot-spots
TreeMapper Features:
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Interactive Editor
Create layouts in real-time and see how it will look like. Use our super fast editor where everything can be controlled by keyboard short-cuts for maximum speed.
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Confluence Wiki Collabrotation
Store your graphics directly to Confluence wiki pages. Every time you update a model, the wiki page will show the update immediately.
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Re-Use Layouts with automatic update
All layouts can be re-used. If you update one instance of it, all places where it is used will update as well. This works in the wiki too.
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Select the nodes and parts you want to create screenshots from. You can create a list of screenshots to be saved can immediately use the screenshots in Powerpoint etc.
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Simple Installation
TreeMapper doesn't require any complex installation. Installation is done in 60s. No server necessary, no admin rights etc. Create directory, copy 3 files, start application.
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Value Mapping
Define mappings from values to colors, font style etc. to visualize data on each node. You can define how values are aggregated and hierarchically visualized.
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